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The Importance of Camo FX Skin Brush

the skin eliminates up to two pounds of metabolic waste per day. So you can see the importance of adding a skin care routine into your daily routine that goes beyond a cleanse, tone & moisture.

If the layers of the skin become full of acids & toxins we can develop spots, boils, rashes and other conditions.

Proper skin care is way up on the list of self care, skin brushing is a great way to to enhance skin health.

Brush your feet & legs first brushing towards centre of the body, same from the top , down to abdominal area. Pay close attention to the collarbone & kidney area. Make sure you also brush your abdominal area and under the breasts.

The ability to sweat is also super important exercise to you sweat , saunas and brisk walking also good. This will also support your lymphatic health and help with loose skin and cellulite. These are connective tissue issues, you will notice a visible difference in your skin around two weeks after regular use. I recommend 2 time daily morning before shower and night time.

Try to only use natural deodorants & you can moisture with castor oil organic best. This helps to keep the skin looking healthy and soft.

Get brushing ASAP , see our copper charged lymph Feel the rush brush.

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