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Welcome to CAMOFX, where our team of skilled trainers from across the UK is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled wellness experiences. Each of our trainers is passionate about guiding you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.

Visit the CAMOFX shop nearest to you and meet our expert trainers who specialize in our signature services, including Lymphatic Health and Drainage & body sculpting.


Hi, I'm Louise

The Founder of Camo Fx Method

Medspa Educator. NMSA.IGCT.IHTCP.CA
Post Cosmetic Specialist
Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage
Wellness Training
Womb Massage


 577a Dumbarton rd Glasgow 

G11 6HU

My name is Vienna, and I am an experienced therapist with over 6 years in the beauty and wellness industry. I am passionate about beauty and entrepreneurship and believe that with discipline and consistency, you can achieve your wildest dreams. I look forward to guiding you all with the power of Brazilian lymphatic drainage, as our Camofx protocol is life-changing not just for yourself but for your clients.


KK Aesthetics - Unit 2 42 Avery Hill SE9 2BJ 
Zaderastudios - 148A Trafalgar Rd SE10 9TZ
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Hi I'm Paige, I specialize in sculpting sessions, I offer a comprehensive range of services, including fat reduction, cellulite reduction, booty lifting and plumping, debloating/detoxing, wood therapy, and lymphatic drainage massage. 


Birmingham, UK
unnamed (1).jpg

Hi I’m Kim, I am a fully qualified Body Contouring Specialist of 3+ years. Over 8 years of Beauty industry expertise, Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology as well as a Level 4 Teaching Qualification and Level 4 Certificate in Management and Leadership. 


I recently placed Top 10 in my district, Best in Aesthetics for National Hair & Beauty Awards 2023. I proudly have a verified 5 Star client satisfaction rating and I am dedicated to providing high quality personalised services to all my clients and trainees. 


As a trainer my style is supportive, patient and diligent. You can expect a training session that is highly hands on and discussion based so that you can leave feeling confident and equipped with the technical skills to be able to deliver phenomenal results for your clients. 



Leeds, UK
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